Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Five Years from Now


In five years time I'll be eighty-three! I write it, feeling aghast!
How did the days of my lengthy life go flashing by so fast?
The thought should make me feel morbid, should make me weep and cringe,
Should make me dread the era of memory-loss and twinge.
The tragedy of age, it seems, it that ones stupid brain
Imagines one is still sixteen! One wants to start again!
Yet the tragedy is the boon, I think, for the plain and simple truth
Is that, inside, we all enjoy a never-ending youth!
At fifty I felt done-for! Ready to pop my clogs!
Ready to say that, already, I was going to the dogs!
That was nearly thirty years ago! Thirty fantastic years!
I've felt I was going backwards, away from the 'vale of tears'.
I've shed my responsibilities! My hobbies fill my life!
It's the middle years that test us.....parent, worker, wife.
'So twenty-fourteen! Welcome!' (Let's hope that's what I say!)
Although, of course, at seventy-eight, I might drop dead today!
Self-congratulation here:


Le Butterfly said...

Love your writing.

I always pictured myself as a busy old lady with a volkswagen car. What the reality will be is another story.

Ziggy Stardust said...

I like that very much. Forever young.


i beati said...

Line 2 wish I knew wish i knew...?sandy

quilly said...

I'm thinking you're still one sharp crayon and you're pretty active, too!

Hootin Anni said...

So so true...it's a difficult challenge for us 'seniors' to actually come up with something to write about for looking 5 years ahead.

Great post.

Mine is now up. Come on over if you can today...

Happy Tuesdays.

[ps...also like the photo you chose for Ruby Tuesday!!!]

Karen said...

I find it funny that at 83, some are young. I wonder what makes the difference. I think it is health and attitude.

Tumblewords: said...

'Is that inside, we all enjoy a never-ending youth!' What a fine line. Indeed. I find it difficult to mesh the outside me with the inner! Eighty-three would be the new sixty!

Berni said...

Love your post. I always say I feel 19 inside so I guess your younger at heart still. I don't feel 62 either and am always a bit shocked when I look at the mirror. Where did the years go. I am always drumming into my sons not to waste it.

Kat said...

... I'm also filled with envy because vintage wines are treated with reverence, while 'young' wines are not respected. I want to be a wine!

You sure make everyone heady :)))