Tuesday, July 21, 2009


                                                                                               Anna Boch


Mama was so insistent! 'We are going to the store!
Feeling rather reckless I answered-back 'What for?'
'How dare you question me like that!' Mama was in full flight.
'Remember, Rose, you're just a child! Mama always knows what's right!
We have to buy your winter clothes! The days are drawing-in!
Don't argue with me, Rose, dear! You know I always win.'
She made me wear my muslin dress, the one that's rather frilly,
And that awful ribbony straw hat that makes me look so silly!
'Now read your book while I go upstairs; there's something I must get.
You've had your head in that book for days! Haven't you finished yet?'
But how could the days be 'drawing-in' when the sun was up so high
And all the birds that ever were were singing in the sky?
When the hollyhocks were reaching up in spirals bright and tall
And the shadows were making flickerings across the garden wall?
When the stories in my book were far more real than any store
And beams of sunlight came to me from the almost-open door?
So here I sit and read my book, for the summer hasn't gone,
And sounds and smells and stories make the magic linger on.
How long can I hide here? Just minutes, I suppose.
There she is at the door now! She's going to call me!


Anonymous said...

Oh this is so true of me! Just geting lost in a book. Lovely poem, Brenda and the painting goes well with it, yes!

Mari Meehan said...

Indeed you did!

Kat said...

A child's heart and a Mother's mind captured really well..!!!

vivinfrance said...

A real classic Rinkly poem. I could see the scene and feel the desire for escape.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really enjoyed this. I know just how Rose feels. Your words painted the story in my mind and Rose came to life!

Dave King said...

I agree with vivinfrance, a classic Rinkly Rime. So what IS a girl to do?

Unknown said...

This so amused me, and reminded me that parents don't parent like this much any more.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so relate to this. My nose was always in a book and they'd always be saying "what are you doing indoors on a day like this?" I especially loved "and all the birds that ever were are singing in the sky."

Ella said...

I love this and how you lingered, I mean the character! I know exactly how Rose feels~
Well Done