Saturday, July 25, 2009

Balloon Bonanza!

publishes a picture almost identical to this.
By coincidence this happened this week!


In the spare bedroom what did I find?
The boys had left their balloons behind!
When they'd arrived not all that long ago
These balloons had been all on show.
' Daddy went to a party last night!' they said.
'He came home after we'd gone to bed!
He brought us balloons! Yippee! Yippee!
Those for him and these for me!
I like the red! He likes the blue!
I'll show you what balloons can do!
See mine bounce! Yeah! Mine's the best!'
I was suitably impressed.
For half an hour excitement reigned.
Lot's of noise! No-one complained!
They bounced, they biffed, they flew on high
With many a giggle and happy cry.
Balloons were the greatest things on earth!
Lots of merriment, lots of mirth!
But as is the way with little boys,
Lots of laughter, lots of noise,
But lacking powers of concentration!
Along came some other new sensation.
When they'd gone, what did I find?
Those balloons had been left behind!
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Jo said...

Oh Brenda, wonderful post. With our g/son's recent 3rd birthday party, my dil hung up 24 balloons. Next day my housekeeper, Emily took them down and carried them home in black garbage bags for her grandsons. Children LOVE balloons. Hope you having a wonderful weekend. Hugs Jo

quilly said...

Yes, but the next balloon they get will momentarily be just as wonderful as the first!

Kat said...

I appreciate that. That they left the balloons intact.

In my COmpany Aniiversary function, the kids burst all the balloons with toothpicks..!!! It's okay, it was fun.