Monday, June 1, 2009

The Spice Girls

suggests a 'SPICE' theme

The Spice Girls may have been nothing more than a British phenomenon ( exported to Oz as all British things are), so I apologise to other readers to whom this is incomprehensible.
They were naughty, they were nice;
They were sugar, they were spice.
Ten years ago they knew such fame!
Everybody knew the name.
The Spice Girls! Icons of their time!
Silly, maybe, or sublime.
Teenage girls made future plans
To sing such songs and thrill such fans.
Now, it seems, there's only Posh
Who causes viewers to cry 'Gosh!'
And, in her case, it is her spouse
Who's really bringing down the house!
Time marches on for all it seems;
Ambitions end as faded dreams.
The teenage fans are now, I think,
Standing at the kitchen sink,
Humming tunes inconsequential
That once seemed heady and essential.
It all ended in a trice
Those long-lost days that were marked by

It was ever thus here:


Jinksy said...

That's life!

quilly said...

Oh yes, American knew the Spice girls.. Their music made it into my classroom on the lips of the kids, and the girls are wanted to be them. Now I wonder if they even remember them?

California Girl said...

I remember when they were big in the U.S., about 13 years ago. Mel B has gained subsequent fame from "Dancing With the Stars" a very popular show on network tv. She really was good.

Valerie said...

Most enjoyable. I enjoyed today's offerings, and I'm broadcasting the fact that visiting your blog is a must.
Didn't I read that the Spice Girls were making a come-back?

Desert Songbird said...

I never was a Spice Girls fan, but I remember they caused quite a sensation.

Kat said...

me too - have heard about these spicy gentlewomen..!!! Sad the spice is lost.