Wednesday, October 26, 2011


chose the topic.


That creak of the door!
That face at the window!
Oh how my heart beats!



The sins in red are the old ones; the sins in blue are the modern ones recently decided upon by the Vatican.
The old ones were quite easy; take ' Coveting my neighbour's wife';
I've never 'coveted' a single one in my long and fruitful life!
Husbands, yes, I've coveted out of the corner of my eye,
But, since they didn't covet me, temptation passed me by.
'Sloth' I've been guilty of now and again, but my sloth was not sustained;
Having an afternoon 'ziz' for sure doesn't mean that sloth's ingrained.
'Lust'? Well, tell me, without it, how do babies ever arrive?
As a temporary urge I think it's part of being alive.
'Gluttony' moderation? Can there be any such thing?
I've licked my lips quite a few times....... in between dieting.
'Greed' has been something to battle, but I haven't gone overboard;
But I have got clothes in my cupboard which are merely something to hoard.
'Wrath' sounds rather dramatic for the way I lose my rag!
And 'Pride' is, I think, a virtue; lack of it is a drag.
Yes, the Biblical Sins were quite easy; a minefield that could be traversed;
While the new list is so very different; there are new ways to be cursed!
In my case forget about Drug deals, Pedophilia, being too Wealthy;
My life-style is far removed from them and the first two are most unhealthy.
Abortion I do not find sinful; Genetic Engineering the same.
Social Injustice I'm part of though I don't accept much of the blame.
The one that hits home is Pollution for I know that I'm guilty, and yet
My personal life's not polluted; the thing that is making me fret
Is the fact that I live in a coal town, exporting black gold here and there.
I know that it's doing great damage, but, most of the time, I don't care. 
Well, now I have made my confession; not much of a story to tell!
It's up to the people who read this to decide if I'm going to Hell!


Susie Clevenger said...

a scary haiku...I have been there :)
Oh how the Vatican likes to name our your responses/confession...

Anonymous said...

My heart beats faster - just reading!! Have been there - and I don't like it!! :-) Very good!

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

A face at the window would scare you half to death, agreed! Well done :)