Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quashing Quotes

has given us two quotes to work on this week.

'Words are all we have': Samuel Becket
'A blow with a word strikes deeper than a blow with a sword': Robert Burton


I feel argumentative; I'll let my words explain....
I resist these quotations with all my might and main!
I'm using words to refute the claim that all we have are words;
Some creatures communicate very well......and they are only birds!
'Words  are all we have!'... not so! An expression in the eyes
Says so much more than language, which may be telling lies!
A gesture of defiance, or even one that's rude,
Is very clear to the receiver, and can't be misconstrued.
As to the language of the fist, I think that says a lot,
Particularly if a blow lands on a tender spot!
'A blow with a sword' must speak volumes, though we don't hear what is said
Because we're lying on the ground, bleeding, or very dead!
'A blow with a word strikes deeper'? ...... words have hurt me, yes.
But, on the whole, the unkind words have caused brief unhappiness.
I may, sometimes, remember, a particularly dire remark,
Which has really cut me to the quick because it's left a mark.
But, by and large, it seems to me, pleasure replaces pain,
When two adversaries learn more sense and then become friends again.
I don't see words as weapons, although, quite frequently,
Rabble-rousers use them to stir up enmity.
I see words as precious gems that have made my life worthwhile.
And what stronger non-word can there be than a warm and generous smile?


It comes unsought and unexpected.
It lasts moments, not years.
It catches one by the throat and then leaves, laughing.
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Kay L. Davies said...

I agree completely, on all of the above.
— K

Maude Lynn said...

Marvelous response to the prompts!

Belva Rae Staples said...

Excellent on both counts!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

A delightfully different approach to the prompts!

Words Are All We Have