Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nightmare Scenario

The Wordle


We are asked to use the above words in a poem or story.


The light was flickering as the rain fell;
I heard the water gurgle down the drain.
I was caught in a trap of my own making;
I twitched in the gutter in great pain.
I sat with a thump down on the sidewalk 
The broken bottle bloody from my blood.
I had carved a jagged line in my own flesh
The crooked mark was dripping in the mud.
Oh what a terrible nightmare!
I woke with a half-muffled scream.
The vision vanished with the daylight.
Thank goodness it was only a dream.



Before there was mascara, the Egyptians had their kohl.
This was to keep evil spirits from entering the soul!
They believed these spirits entered through the orifice of the eye
And if they let them in then it was certain they would die.
Children's eyes were 'protected' with a mixture, partly soot,
And thickly round the eyelids this 'medicine' was put.
This practice is still existing as the picture below reveals.
I'd love to ask the baby exactly how it feels!

Well, obviously the ladies found it increased their allure!
Their rich dark lashes made their eyes seem bold and bright for sure!
In BC 100 meagre eye-lashes pointed to
Very immoral behaviour! Men thought this was true!
It was said that a woman's lashes fell out if she misbehaved,
And utterly virginal women were what the husbands craved!
So, even more kohl was administered, to keep the record straight!
'Black and bushy' was the way to go when looking for a mate.
Elizabeth Taylor depicted Cleopatra of the Nile;
The blackened eyes were certainly part of her seductive style!

In the Victorian era, dark lashes were admired.
Ash and berries were mixed to make quite sure a girl was squired!
Then along came Eugene Rimmel, using soot and vaseline!
Yes, the king of modern cosmetics was now on the mascara scene.
But 1933 caused quite a downturn in its use,
Lash Allure caused blindness; it was treated as abuse.

Darkened eyes are still admired, and safety is assured,
Though careful work with brush and cream has to be endured.
So, when applying mascara, (and looking quite sublime),
Remember that lash-enhancing's been around a long, long time.


Mary said...

What a nightmare indeed! These were hard words, I found.

Laurie Kolp said...

Brenda- Sounds like a scary dream!

vivinfrance said...

Blogspot is playing up again - if this one doesn't work, I shall give up!

I said something like: a lovely bundle of poems. I'm so glad your Wordle was only a dream.

Marianne said...

NIGHTMARE SCENARIO is a grand, scary poem! I love this time of year! Happy Halloween!

Mike Patrick said...

A great wordle poem and all I'll ever need to know about mascara. It doesn't get any better than this.

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

excellent Job.