Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Loco Logic



 A workman on the railway was busy on the tracks,
And when it came to safety he was getting rather lax.
Indeed, at last a train arrived and roared in his direction
And he began to realise that he'd lacked circumspection!
Joe took off at his fastest pace, with the train behind, full-speed,
And, for the very shortest time, he was keeping in the lead!
But at last the train caught-up with him, and hit him, knocked him flat,
And everybody watching really thought that that was that!
But no! He regained consciousness and opened up his eyes,
Gazing at workmates standing round in evident surprise.
One spoke to him and said ' You fool! You could have got away!
By running up the embankment you'd have saved the day.'
 And Joe replied 'Upon my soul! What sort of statement's that?
How could I beat it on a hill when I couldn't on the flat?'



Deep in the forest we found a cave,
The sort for which all mystics crave!
Dark, mysterious, creeper clad!
The sort to make a guru glad!
What could account for this mystique?
We discovered it was a freak!
Look a little closer! What a shock!
We found it was a toilet 'block'!
(There is a door! It's out of sight;
Opened wide and to the right!)
Round the back of our hotel
In a sort of dingly-dell!
What a disappointment, though!
We thought we were back in the long-ago!


photowannabe said...

Your poetry always fascinates me. Love the Loco Logic.
That's the way my mind works. Such Logic that poor train man had!

Reader Wil said...

Your rimes are full of humour! You have a talent for writing the essential facts and in a real entertaining way. Thanks.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Poor Joe!

Roger Owen Green said...

HA! One of your funniest poems yet!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Jenny said...

Oooh....these are great. I love the little stories you tell in rhyme. I'm looking for your AT link!

Steven Page said...

Loco is good!

ChrisJ said...

You have such a creative mind -- as well as a quirky sense of humor. Love "Loco Logic"!

jabblog said...

Do you write comedy scripts? Loco Logic is a classic.
As for the Monument, priceless.

Chronicles of Illusions said...

loved these - you have such a way with words

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Very funny about the train! Loved it!

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

love the first one,

loco logic, fun verse.