Sunday, October 30, 2011


We are asked to limit our comment to 25 words!


I am in the dark!
Won't someone light a spark.
Disorientation! Wow!
Switch on something now!
Oh! Oh! Oh! 
I have stubbed my blasted toe!
(25 words)


(Inspired by the above illustration. Not a true story!)

I'm completely without sin!
After all, one of us had to win!
Too long I'd been held up to ridicule
By all your beastly friends at school.
'Stupid!' some of them used to hiss;
'What kind of idiot is this?
Got no brains and small and skinny!
Look at him, chaps! The boy's a ninny!'
You were popular, I was not!
Look at all the mates you'd got!
You'd stand on the sidelines with a grin,
Enjoying the predicament I was in!
Your 'followers' used to kick and beat me
Every time they chanced to meet me!
Helpless against your gang's abuses
I was always covered in bruises!
How many years did I endure it!
Nothing could help, no-one could cure it!
You were clever at hiding your tracks;
It was always behind the teachers' backs.
But oh what passion was in my soul!
Revenge ! Revenge became my goal.
I tracked you down today in the street;
Did you think it was chance that made us meet?
Oh no! I'd been stalking you for years,
However chancy today appears.
You looked so smart in your office gear!
You must have been thirty-five this year.
I was dressed in my faded jeans;
Clearly a man of little means.
Of course, you never recognised me!
Or remembered how you once despised me! 
We stood at the crossing, the road was busy.
Suddenly I became rather dizzy!
I lurched and knocked you under a bus!
And didn't the law make an awful fuss!
But I was fully in charge of my wits!
My doctor agreed I had fainting fits.
So now let the rest of my life begin!
As I said
One of us had to win.