Saturday, October 8, 2011

Being Brenda

suggests we write about our own name.


Brenda...... a name that labels me
As someone approaching senility!
Along with Pamela and Gwen
I personify the way-back-when.
Gladys and Hazel are also fated
To be considered old and dated.
My mother's name was Ethel May;
Names we don't hear at all today.
Her sisters were Mabel and Violet;
They were part of the 1900 set.
My name was a 1930's Wow;
But it isn't heard too often now.
Except that the illustration shows
A Brenda everybody knows.......
(All except me; the name was new
Until this shot came into view!)
 I'm intrigued by how Pat and Vera
Signify a certain era.
Chelsea and Taylor no doubt await
A similar chronological fate.
I've never really minded 'Brenda';
(It's Brendan in a different gender)
It means 'sword', or so I'm told;
So it doesn't suit me; I'm not too bold.
It was just a name, not good, not bad,
Decided upon by Mum and Dad.
But I married a 'Bryant' and then my name
Became one I was proud to claim.
Six letters in both ! How very neat!
And two 'Br's to make the match complete!
Brenda Bryant;
You must admit
That these two names appear to fit.
Had I married a Mr Smith or Small
I wouldn't have liked my name at all!



Normally, I am polite,
Saying what I think is right.
When the check-out girl says 'Have a nice day!'
I respond in time-honoured way.
'You, too, dear' I tend to mumble,
Being all abject and humble.
Pretending that I can't see through
The little ruse she's addicted to!
'Make them think you care' They say,
The Bosses, directing this little play.
Sadly, we caught it from the Yanks!
Now hairdressers and shops and banks
Are parroting in the same old way
'Mind how you go, love! Have a nice day!
Tomorrow I'm planning to rebel,
I'm popping right out of my shell!
As soon as I hear the awful phrase
My lungs I'll fill, my voice I'll raise,
And everybody standing by
Will hear my revolutionary cry!
"You wouldn't care if I dropped down dead!
Those are stupid words you've said!
You've ruined my day, if you must know,
I came in here feeling all aglow,
Full of genial bonhomie!
Now, my lady, look at me!
I'm stressed and fretful, full of bile!
I feel like wrecking a shopping aisle!
I feel like lifting you off your feet
And throwing you out into the street!
I'd like to go home to a cup of tea
And a couple of biscuits, maybe three,
But because of the state you've put me in
I'm going home to a bottle of gin!
Then I'll get a headache: I always do!
And, sweetheart, that's because of YOU!
Your words have made me lose the plot!
Will I have a nice day? 
 I will NOT!


Kay L. Davies said...

"I feel like wrecking a shopping aisle" is TOO funny.
And you must have been a trailblazer with the name Brenda. There were lots of them in school with me, and I had to listen to everyone say, "Okay, Kay. Ha ha. Get it? Okay, Kay!" until I thought I'd hit one of them, except they were all much bigger than I was.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

Kerry O'Connor said...

Another smile... But you're so right! Names do tend to date, or go through seasons of popularity. These days it seems the fad to name your precious newborn after an inanimate object, place or random noun: Apple, London (even if the parents have never been there), Hero... Call me old-fashioned but Brenda sounds just fine. A Name!

Kerry O'Connor said...

PS. I may have left two similar comments - thought I lost the first... Hope you don't quote me twice :)

Laurie Kolp said...

I know what you mean about names dating us, but I much prefer traditional names like Brenda over the outlandish ones some come up with these days.

Mary said...

You 'wear' your name proudly! I like that.

Indeed interesting to think of the popularity of various names over the years. A lot of older names eventually have a resurgence. Example: Madeline, a very old name, now is again popular.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

It IS interesting how names reflect an era, isnt it? I am hearing such strange names now on little kindergartners these days. I really enjoyed your super market rant....hee hee!

vivinfrance said...

Two good'uns. I love your dissertation on fashionable names, and that you're proud of your own.

Phew! A blobspot blog that let's me comment - that's made my day.

Fireblossom said...

Er...I don't know who the Barbie in the picture is, either. When I hear "Brenda", think of that famous redhead Brenda Starr!

Mary Ann Potter said...

So well done! Names date us, but I think yours is a classic! 8-) When I was still teaching, I used to struggle with keeping a straight face with some of the outlandish names with which parents "branded" / "stuck" their kids. The memory of it makes me giggle. Nifty poem!

Ella said...

Well done Brenda! I have a friend named Brenda and my daughter's boyfriend is Brenden. Popular names in my school, were Laurie and Billy.
You are so right about the time and the names. Fun to read!