Saturday, October 16, 2010




Inside the City Hall the evening is beginning.
Still there is daylight but the dusk will very soon be winning.
My eyes, accustomed to the dark, are startled by the sight
Of the Civic Park, across the way, still bathed in brilliant light.


A man walked into a bar and saw an old friend sitting there.
He looked completely miserable, hopelessly full of care.
'Good gracious, Merv!' the friend declared, 'What's got you in this state?
You look as though somebody's died! Is that what it is, old mate?'
Merv answered 'Somebody died, alright, in March, my Uncle Clyde.
I inherited fifty thousand dollars from him when he upped and died.'
His friend replied 'That's rather sad, but the money must be great!'
Said Merv 'Well, then in April I lost my Auntie Kate.
I got a hundred thousand from her'. 'Good heavens!' said his friend,
'It's beyond belief! Do you mean to say your good fortune had no end!'
'When May came round Great Uncle Fred chose to turn-up his toes.
I only got sixty thousand there. Oh well, that's the way it goes.'
'You're a wealthy man!' his friend declared 'Why! You must feel like a king!'
Sighed Merv 'But June's almost over, and, so far, not a thing!'


cat said...

Gorgeous shot of the evening light through the windows.

Joyful said...

Cool shot and great rhyme to go with it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great shot. This is inside a city hall? The window shots are great.. simply lovely.

Anyway, here's mine.. please check it out and drop a comment. Thanks a bunch.. =)

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Like the curved shape window. Looks very cool and good for summer.