Thursday, October 28, 2010

Green Battle


Fragile. rampant. tremor.


We take miracles for granted in this technological age;
Something's a Nine Days' Wonder then ho-hum.
We forget that we are privileged to see the things we see;
We accept that there are greater things to come.
Of all the generations that have lived upon this earth,
Only ours has seen the wonders that we see;
Plants in the act of growing! Flowers opening-up!
Made possible by slow photography!
Before this time we would pass a hedge and see climbers that had climbed;
They were so still and fragile  and benign;
Maybe there'd be a tremor as a little breeze passed by
But of 'tooth and claw' there wasn't any sign.
But now we know they're rampant, quite determined as they climb,
Trampling over each other in the fight,
Pushing other plants away, strangling them, indeed,
Determined they'll be first to reach the light!
We see these miracles on our screens, and miracles they are;
We yawn and say 'I've seen all that before.'
But sometimes we should pause and think how wonderful it is
That we're the first to study Nature's war!



A Preacher, on his day off, went hunting for wild boar
Little knowing what a dreadful fate was waiting there, in store.
Suddenly a bear loomed up; its jaws were open wide!
'Make this bear a Christian!' the luckless Preacher cried!
He cast his eyes to Heaven! He fell down on his knees!
'Put Christian thoughts in this great bear's mind, Lord, I ask you, please!'
And the Lord saw fit to grant his wish, responding to his prayer....
'For what we are about to receive may the Lord...........
(That was the bear!)


Aoife.Troxel said...

Ha! The bear was hilarious. Nicely done. :)

omj said...

The second one gave me a good chuckle! The first one made me think. Thank you! So true how blessed we are to be able to really study nature like never before!

Winifred said...

The bear poem was lovely! There's a;ways a different perspective to every story.

Susannah said...

Both were great1 but I LOVED the bear! Wonderful. lol

My 3WW

Anonymous said...

The bear story was funny and, I thought, fitting somehow. Loved it.

The first I liked as well. It's true, we get to see what others haven't before us; and plants can be very, very aggressive.

Anonymous said...

"Nature's war," an excellent phrase. Loved your take on the 3-Word prompt!

Thanks, Amy Barlow Liberatore

PS I misread the prompt and used "rampart..." Such is the mind of the silly!