Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dignity and Impudence


(A cinquain)

Sparkle, shimmer.
Cascading, arching, curving.
Dividing Spring into droplets.



I daydream nearly all the time!
But is that really such a crime?
When in the shower a thought appears,
Just as I'm washing behind my ears,
Cleanliness takes second place;
I shower at a slower pace;
I end up only half-way clean
But feeling hopeful and serene,
For I have cured so many ills,
And I've 'danced among the daffodils'.
Going shopping, I'm inefficient,
My attitude is quite deficient!
I toddle along with my little trolly,
Sometimes, maybe, I'm melancholy;
But in the very nicest way,
Maybe humming 'Yesterday'.
Instead of working out a plan
Concerning a pie or tomorrow's flan,
I am, instead, engrossed in thought
But not of a simple shopping sort!
I'm dreaming dreams and writing stuff!
Who cares if the meat I buy is tough?
I've cured the ills of the world, you know,
Merely toddling to and fro!
I've written novels in my mind,
Of a very deep and cryptic kind.
I've daydreamed about each passer-by;
Is this one brash? Is that one shy?
I'm writing, analysing, scheming.
Never call it 'just daydreaming!'


Kim, USA said...

I like to day dream it's fun and it's free! Happy Wednesday!
Watery Wednesday-The pond

geraldgee said...

Youre "daydreaming" is perfect BB,all I think about while I push the trolley is what the blazes have I forgotten.
Should have been a poet.

Hootin Anni said...

That's a pretty fountain...and your backdrop in the photo is outstanding too!

My watery photos are shrimp boats coming in and a sailboat going out. Do stop by if you get a chance.

Unknown said... to day dream too!

lovely photos as well.

Rossel said...

same here, i love daydreaming. great shot!

Shades of Blue.