Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Down By the Riverside


Do you sometimes get the urge
To sit down on a grassy verge
And view the Hunter River flowing by?
To just relax and take your ease
Beneath the ever-shady trees
Under a lovely blue Australian sky?
Our river has its situation
Just across from the Railway Station,
And yet it seems so peaceful and serene,
Until a tug-boat scuttles past!
We knew perfection couldn't last!
But soon we're back to restful blue-and-green.



Myrtle visited Doctor Stott
With a problem she had got.
She sat there, upright, looking grim,
Waiting for the news from him.
'You're pregnant', finally, he said.
And Myrtle went right off her head!
She ran screaming down the hall;
Everyone could hear her bawl!
She sobbed, she spluttered and she cried,
And Doctor Smith ran to her side.
Tell me' he said 'What's wrong my dear?'
So she whispered in his ear.
He rushed, straightway, to Doctor Stott,
Shouting 'Have you lost the plot?
That lady's seventy-six today!
She can't be in the family way!
Your treatment has been most unkind.
Doctor Stott, you're out of your mind!'
He replied ' Ah! That regime
Wasn't as odd as it may seem.
I am absolutely sure
She hasn't got hiccups any more!'


Kat said...

The scuttling tug-boat plays the important role of making one appreciate the returning peace and serene ?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ha ha ha... the suspense brought me to the seat's edge.

If that had been told to a man of same age, that he's going to become a father.... he might have been flattered :-))))

Hootin Anni said... I'm gonna be humming the song "Down by the Riverside" today.

The photo is so very serene looking.

My Watery Photo Link. Hope to see you come visit with me today.