Wednesday, October 6, 2010




I have a piece of trivia
And I'm happy to announce it!
This is one of the longest names,
And I bet you can't pronounce it!
It actually is a domain name,
To use on the internet!
I've really tried to spell it,
But I haven't managed it yet!
You'll have to enlarge the picture
So the meaning can be read!
No wonder the Welsh population
Just says 'Llanfair' instead!


A friend said 'Send a photograph of you at your computer'.
So here it is! It's 'warts and all'!
I hope that it will suit her!


Jo said...

Hi Brenda, I'd have to say Lanfair as well! Great to see you at the station where you churn out all these enjoyable rhymes! Blessings from Jo

Sylvia K said...

Yes, Lanfair for me, too, but I love the name, makes me giggle every time I see it! And I love the picture of you as well, you look great! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week, Brenda!


Kay L. Davies said...

I've always loved that Welsh name, ever since my father showed it to me when I was about six.
My family name "Davies" is a Welsh name, too, but much easier to spell.
Thanks, Brenda. I love things that make me think of Dad.

Kay, Alberta

ChrisJ said...

SNAP! We came up with the same 'L'. We have Welsh heritage. You can see more of Ll on my blog too.

Kat said...

Amazed at that name... so interesting.

For a moment I thought some left over letters were assembled and made use of. I googled that and it only returns Rinkly Rimes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Atlast we got a glimpse

of the Poem Factory..!!!

Roger Owen Green said...

oh, that's easy - it's llanfair...ok, maybe not...

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Nanka said...

That was fun but loved the poem explaining it....almost thought the alphabets had something to do with scrabble!! :D

Wanda said...

Well I can't believe two of you at least have this in common. My friend Chris posted it too, and both of you make me smile.

BTW that's a very nice picture of you at your computer.

Tumblewords: said...

I've always loved this word, even though I can neither pronounce nor spell it! Good post!