Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lust and Long Words!

asks us for a sentence containing the words in blue!
My blog HAS to be poetry; hence the addition.


I met him at a Bacchanalian feast and I admired his aquiline nose until I discovered his vulpine nature!

Girls are easily misled
By a man with a Greek-God head
And a nose that has an aquiline projection!
At a Bacchanalian feast
They don't mind in the least
If he turns his head and looks in their direction.
Then they find that they've been fooled,
Common-sense quite over-ruled,
And their passion turns to hatred and to loathing
When his vulpine nature rears!
(I said it would end in tears!)
He was a Fox* but wearing Greek-God clothing!

(For 'fox' read 'wolf' makes more sense! Poetic licence!)



I feel I want to run and hide
When I consider my inside;
All the bits I've never seen;
Duodenum, liver, spleen.
All those little bits and pieces,
Indentations, bumps and creases!
Every little hidden place
Must be ageing like my face!
Secretly, inside my body,
They are growing rather shoddy!
Once so plump, so bright, so pink
Now they're hovering on the brink.
I see my face in the looking-glass
And think how quickly all things pass.
Then I swoop inside in imagination,
And picture further degradation!
If my spleen were preserved in formaldihyde,
(Preferably not before I'd died!)
Would it be put out on display
As proof of the body's sad decay?
Would a notice say 'An ancient spleen
Compared with a spleen at seventeen!'
Oh the ignominy of that!
To be examined and chortled at!
I feel I want to run and hide
When I consider my inside.

1 comment:

Aoife.Troxel said...

I would much rather not see my own insides thank you very much! There was an episode of Grey's Anatomy where the doctor instructed on his on operation...eugh.
I liked the first poem because you were able to fit in the words so well and also I was so proud of myself for not having to look them up! The second poem is interesting because I had never considered that the organs age with the outside of the body although it is so logical. :)