Friday, October 1, 2010



I always thought the beauty of stained glass
Lay in the glorious shades of red and blue;
The tints through which the sunshine has to pass;
The reds and yellows and the emeraldss too.
I always thought that colour was the key
To the beauty of the patterns on display.
The rich reflections stretched for all to see
Across the carpets, ray on coloured ray.
But when we take the colour from the view
The patterning is very clearly shown.
The delicate geometry shines through
When design takes centre-stage all on its own.


I hear the Queen is Blogging! Well, goodness! Bless my soul!
You wouldn't think she'd have the time, with her important role!
I hear the Queen is Blogging! What a turn-up for the books!
She's joined us all in cyberspace....... the Quilters and the Cooks,
The Gardeners and the Artists and the funny folk who Rhyme,
And, honestly, I can't imagine how she finds the time!
Once, long ago, I saw the Queen from the streets of London town;
I wore a plastic rain-hat; she wore a golden crown!
I stood with a million others and I waved a flag and cheered
As her golden coach and entourage finally appeared.
I'd stood all night in pouring rain; I was cold and I was wet,
But the thrill of the Coronation lingers with me yet.
We've gone our separate ways since then, she's slightly better-known!
I sat on a mortgage; she sat on the throne.
But now we're both in cyberspace, disembodied as it were,
And if she ever reads my Blog......... Holy Moses! What a stir!
She might even leave a Comment to show where she has been!
I think she'd say 'I like your verse' and sign herself 'The Queen'.


Lois Evensen said...

Two more excellent rhymes. :)

Very best,
Lois (who is definitely NOT The Queen) ;)

Linda said...

Mrs Queen - blogging??? But why not!
The wife of our former Chancellor is now blogging - about food, often with a Scottish theme. See