Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zoo Bus

It's pointless to make too much fuss!
You have to ride inside this bus
If you want to travel to the zoo,
And that's what tourists like to do.
In Copenhagen it's the rule!
And children think it's very cool
To climb inside this weird contraption
With its little red 'Zoo' caption.
The snake has tied itself in knots
And it features in many tourist shots.
But what if it suddenly came alive!
The driver would forget to drive!
And Denmark would lose its reputation
As a safe tourist destination!

(Written for my friend's wedding.)

When a baby girl is born there are bridges to be crossed.
And one of them's the choosing of a name.
For if it doesn't fit, in future years there's hell to pay
And the parents, then, are bound to get the blame.
Angela is no angel;
Charity is plain mean;
Grace lacks co-ordination
And Virginia is far from green!
Dawn is in bed till mid-day;
Eve greets the early light;
Constance is always changing
And Mercy loves a good fight.
Patience flies off the handle;
Fay is heavy and fat;
Felicity never looks happy
And Melody always sings flat.
Faith holds no hope for the future;
Prudence takes risks all the time;
Hope looks dejected and hopeless
And Honour's committed a crime!
But, as everybody knows, there are exceptions to all rules,
And one lady has a name that fits just right.
She is joyous, she is joyful. and we all enjoy her joy;
When she smiles it's just like switching-on a light!
And her joy has been increasing; that's been plain to see,
Since that happy day of lucky girl-meets-boy.
So, Joy, we wish you all the best that life can have in store.
And, Dave ....... just have a life that's


Lois Evensen said...

Two very good rhymes. ;)

Best wishes to Joy and Dave.

And, that zoo bus is terrific!

Kat said...

Pretty and exciting bus for the kids..!!!

there's a saying in tamil " the young calf doesn't know fear..!!! "

the kids may not be afraid even if the snake is alive.

The driver ...... yes, agree with you.