Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Geometry of Chance


Waiting outside the Bank!
A humdrum occupation!
Idly casting glances
As one does in this situation.
Looking up I saw some curves,
And I noted, with elation,
A shadow and a stairwell
In a perfect configuration.


(Come to think about it, nowadays, cicadas are safe because the children never think to put them in matchboxes They are too busy with their Play Stations to bother about cicadas, anyway. Is this conservation?)

(From a little play written about cicada Circus performers.)

I was born with a proboscis.
That's a clever sort of word
Which merely means my nose is large
And really quite absurd.
Not only do I have a conk,
But the conk's a brilliant red!
I sometimes feel I've got a nose
That's bigger than my head!
One day the people laughed at me
When I went into town.
'That's it!' I thought, ''I make them laugh!
So I'll have to be a clown!
I'll make my nose an asset
And join a circus troupe.
I'll fool around and have some fun
In a travelling circus group.
I'll learn to love my poor old nose
If it can bring me fame!
Rudolph the Red Nosed Insect!
That will be my name!'

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