Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disgusting Behaviour!

(hint. lust. sheen.)


Only a hint of Springtime,
Yet Garden Lust begins!
The mating magpie tells us
Of his quite disgusting sins!
He pursues the female recklessly,
With passion on his mind,
She's a dowdy little creature
 (Proving that love is blind.)
The sheen on bud and blossom
Is quite embarrassing!
Regard that old 'come-hither' look
That Nature wears in Spring!
This rampant sex unsettles me!
Decorum! There is none!
They set about their mating
In the full light of the sun!
The birds and bees are following
Their instincts without shame!
Suddenly I realise
My own life's rather tame!


All eyes are fixed on Love's Young Dream,
But things are not the way they seem!
As the 'soda jerker' (1950),
Admires the girls (and they're pretty nifty!)
Another drama is taking place,
Another response to a pretty face!
Those Bobby Soxers, with pony-tails,
Without much experience of males,
Are giggling, posing, pert and pretty,
Humming, I guess, the latest ditty,
Thinking the world revolves about them;
Thinking life would be dull without them.
Mother, who's keeping a watchful eye,
Wishing her girls were a little more shy,
Is hanging on to the family pet,
Feeling a faint tinge of regret;
Wishing that she were still thirteen
And lovely as she once had been.
This-morning the Man of the House was cross,
Declaring there only could be one Boss!
Shouting that Mother must toe the line!
'I'm Head of this Household! That's my job! Mine!
I'll bring home the money! You do the rest!
Clean the house! That's what you do best!
Look after the girls and cook the food!
And try to snap out of your silly mood!
Fancy saying you suffer neglect!
You're a married woman! What do you expect!'
But there, sitting over to the side,
Is someone who will boost her pride.
He's not a Romeo, that's true,
But in Mother's case, anyone will do!
He's smitten, he's blushing, he rolls his eyes,
His is a case to romanticise.
Soon his eyes with Mother's will lock!
That will give her quite a shock!
She'll find herself basking in admiration!
Who cares about his motivation!
All mother needed to boost her morale,
Was to feel once more like a femme fatal!
She's no thought of divorce or a 'bit on the side'.
She meant the vows she took as a bride.
But 'I'm still in the game' I know she's feeling!
As for him, well, his heart is reeling!
From such encounters comfort springs.
Mother walks home as though on wings!


Jae Rose said...

Fantastic last line. Surely not least we can still all watch! Jae

Deborah said...

LOL .. you definitely added a touch of springtime here!

Linda Jacobs said...

Love this dittty! You bring spring to life!

Lois Evensen said...

What wonderful observations of a classic Norman Rockwell painting. :)

Nanka said...

That was a birds and bees story well told :D Such a fun post!!

Angel said...

Love the description and tone of the piece!

Tumblewords: said...

Bees and birds, yup, they put us to shame!! :)

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

I never knew spring could be so, uh, erotic. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm not usually greatly into poetry but your 3WW was great :)

Kat said...

People complain that Adam and Eve sinned...

and these days looks the magpies and the birds and the bees are still continuing the trend.

The culprit I suppose then and now is the "Spring" ?

ms pie said...

spring is overpowering.... now i know for sure... it would be hard to keep the windows closed not to let some of that into my house... motherhood is not for the weak minded... a most enjoyable post...