Monday, October 11, 2010

Funny Little Car!


'What a funny little car!' he chortled! 'It's so small!'
I don't think he considered it a 'grown-up' car at all!
He's still too young to be impressed by badges and the like.
This car is no more special than his vehicle....his trike!
But it wont be long before he notes the power of advertising!
He'll be spooked, like the rest of us, by labels , names and sizing!
He'll be brainwashed to value 'stuff', the same as you and me!
Maybe he'll scrimp and save, one day, to buy his own MG!


(I've lost the answers!)

1 What is the longest word that you can type with your left hand?
2 In the fridge what happens to a normal elastic band?
3 In what year did Niagara Falls freeze over? (Yes it's true!)
4 What famous gentleman was born in a Ladies' Loo?
5 Which is the only fish that can blink with both its eyes?
6 Which part of the body from birth stays the same size?
7 Only one word ends in 'mt'. Guess it if you can.
8 How many seconds are there in a goldfish memory span?
9 What is a word that reads the same from left as well as right.
10 Who invented scissors? A clue; he was quite bright.
11 Which hand does the most work when you go to type a letter?
12 What do men do pretty well, but women do much better?
13 Which nuts are ingredients when making dynamite?

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EG CameraGirl said...

Oh, how sad the lad will grow up with many wants just like us!