Friday, October 22, 2010

Cowardy Lions


Who knows the very private thoughts
Behind each different mask?
Questions about a person's mind
We simply do not ask.
That burly tattooed macho man
Seen strolling down the street,
May be a pussy-cat at heart
And really rather sweet.
That prim and proper lady
With the pursed and sneering lips
May be longing to go crazy
And sway seductive hips!
That tarty little creature
Showing everything she's got,
May be overcoming shyness
And has simply lost the plot!
That woman at the Church Bazaar
Who seems so very kind,
May be thinking most un-Christian thoughts
In the cavern of her mind.
We're all a bit like the Lion,
Maybe, like him, surface-bold,
But, underneath, a Coward,
Whose story is untold.
I'm posing as a poet,
But I'm off to make the bed!
Me posing as a poet!
I'm a household drudge instead!


In Australia, in the Summer,
'All the world's a beach' they say.
Here are Little Nippers for you,
'Surfing' in a special way.
In the future we may find them
Saving lives, but, just for now,
They are having fun together.
Little Nippers!
Take a bow!

1 comment:

Judy Roney said...

I loved that cowardly lion. Your poem tells such truths and a twist at the end leaves me laughing.