Monday, October 25, 2010

A Red Rag!


Like a red rag to a bull is the suggestion
That Spain relinquish it's most famous sport!
But is it entertainment? That's the question.
And is it justified? There is the thought.
Most of us eat meat and that means killing,
We hope it's done humanely, that's for sure.
But there are some who find it really thrilling
To see the scarlet life-blood on the floor.
Look at the creature's eyes in my illustration;
There's panic and there's anguish in that gaze!
While the audience, agog with fascination,
Just showers the matador with fulsome praise!
The Romans were past-masters of the gory;
An Amphitheatre held a yelling throng.
They considered killing part of Roman glory
And no-one thought that anything was wrong.
But still, for all our bold civilization,
Animal Welfare groups are well-aware
That, unchecked, people have a cruel fixation,
To taunt two fighting-cocks or tease a bear.
That's why it pleases me that Spain has voted
(Well, sadly it is only just a part)
To have the sport of bull-fighting demoted
(Not everyone agrees but it's a start.)
There are other ways for men to prove virility!
There are other ways to call-forth the applause.
Let's show the animals civilized civility!
Let's support the Anti Bull-fight cause!

(To the melody of 'Thank Heaven for Little Girls.')

Thank Heaven for little boys!
They grow up in a disappointing way.
Thank Heaven for little boys!
They turn out to be wrinkled old and grey.
Their eyes of baby blue were so disarming,
But now they're kind of pink instead and not so charming.
Thank Heaven for little boys!
Though their physique has gone to pot,
And though their blood's no longer hot,
Without them what would little girls do?
Thank Heaven for little boys!
They have a bit of trouble with their knees!
Thank Heaven for little boys!
Their heavy breathing comes out as a wheeze!
Their hair was once so curly and seductive,
But when you stroke a balding bloke it's unproductive!
Thank heaven for little boys!
Though their passion, you will find,
Is often only in their mind,
Without them what would little girls do?
Thank Heaven for little boys!
They haven't aged as well as vintage wine!
Thank Heaven for little boys!
Are these the boys that said we were divine?
Their teeth once flashed the way to mad adventures,
But now they lack a certain knack without their dentures!
Thank heaven for little boys!
As the years pass, it appears,
They grow long whiskers in their ears!
But without them what would little girls do?
Thank heaven for little boys!
How fortunate that we've not changed a bit!
Thank heaven for little boys!
We're still so slender, beautiful and fit.
We have no need of hair-dye or of make-up:
We look so absolutely perfect when we wake up.
Thank heaven for little boys!
For all of us agree
That we still love your company,
For, without you, what would little girls do?


Word Tosser said...

I never understood why they had to kill the bull... isn't it just as thrilling to have the bull go thru the cape without goring the matador? Doesn't it still show the grace of the man, who can escape the horn? Seems to me it is... killing the bull just didn't make sense to me... but then I am not from Spain..

reg said...

I have never seen a bull-fight from Spain and I am not sure if I would want to but that is me. For the Spanish This is there sport and they can do as they please.
That said I have been to one in Mexico City and it was a thrill. The Bull lived. I only went knowing they do not kill the Bull there.

Kim, USA said...

I never knew that they kill the bull. I think it's not right. About your poem for boys, I love it. ^_^
Ruby Red Tuesday

Jan n Jer said...

I would love to see a bull fight sometime...but only if the bull lives. Love the little boys poem!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

do you fling your cape
to escape?

Ruby Sunset Watercolor

Marie said...

Bull-fights is nothing for me. Feeling sorry for the animal. What is the attraction I ask? Great post.