Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thirteen Colours

asks for thirteen different viewpoints


Red! So brilliant, so fierce, so bright!
Blue! The sky filled with radiant light!
Green! The forests, the grass, the leaves!
Yellow! The corn when it's stacked in sheaves!
Black! The night-sky, velvet, dark!
White! The snow without footprint mark!
Grey! The gentleness of a cloud!
Purple! For Royalty, rich and proud!
Orange! The colour of orange peel!
Cream! On your sweet at the end of a meal!
Pink! The roses as they grow!
Brown! The good earth down below!
Turquoise! That's my favourite colour!
Without them, life would be much duller!

(An Acrostic)

Hedgerows alive with spikes of blossom,
Oh, what a summertime parade!
Long stems of colour climbing up to the sky,
Lining the lanes with a cavalcade.
Yearnings for England rise and envelope me.
Happy the memories I recall.
Over the hedges, see the hollyhocks,
Curtseying there by the garden wall.
Kent, with it's lovely garden atmosphere,
Sussex and Surrey, all aglow,
With hollyhocks, hollyhocks, always beckoning;
Surely the loveliest garden show.



We performed 'The Golden Heart' yesterday but I had to take Max with me. He jumped up on the stage immediately!

Here we are all gathered waiting for the show to begin. We look a bit funereal, but that's because we put costumes on as we perform and we make it all very simple so that the audience can take-over and perform too. I wrote Xmas Song parodies for this gig as the group we performed for were celebrating their Xmas in July. It's cold enough for it!



Most enjoyable. I am impressed by all your writing skills

sherilee said...

I love color. Most days I can't get enough!

vivinfrance said...

Your poems are like patchwork quilts, gay and full of fun.

What's a Golden Heart?

Mike Patrick said...

A poem full of color (so far, the only one to come up with thirteen), flowers and ham (that would be Max; no stage fright in sight). In whole, a superlative work.

Jess PJ said...

Your color poem was quite fun! A creative way of doing the '13 ways' prompt.
You can check out my 13 here: