Sunday, July 4, 2010

Board Stiff!

A criss and a cross and a mishmash of shadows beneath chairs
As they stand to attention neatly in fours and threes and pairs.
They look out over the Wetlands where all is wild and green;
Where the fluttering wings of the ibis ruffle the springlike scene.
Where the reeds grow in profusion, tangled and all awry,
And the little waves on the water are raggedy and spry.
A duck dives under the ripples and beads of water spray
A cockatoo springs up from a branch, and, flapping, flies away.
But the chairs stand to attention, waiting for the meal to start.
There, among Nature's flurry, they're forced to stand apart.

The cathedral shadows stretched their length
Along the wooden pews,
And all about was painted
In grey and muted hues.
The voices of the visitors
Were hushed, somber and low;
Only the stained glass windows
Had a pale ethereal glow.
And then I turned a corner
And found this bright display!
The corner saved for children
When they chanced to come this way.
Bright chairs, bright rug, a colour feast,
Almost a mini-riot!
All among the sanctity
And the order and the quiet.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

that looks a lovely place to sit and relax, lovely shadows too!