Saturday, July 17, 2010

Find the Picture!


Visiting a friend I spied,
On casting my eye around inside,
A painting of a charming scene.....
Somewhere I had often been.
'Ah! A photo!' I exclaimed!
A record of it could be claimed.
And here's the result! Here, on the wall,
The painting isn't there at all!
Well, maybe just a vague outline
But dimmed by the reflection's shine!
I see the room, I see the sea,
With almost perfect clarity!
But the painting? Spirited away!
I'll have to go back another day!


In a little suburban street
A mosaic stepped on by many feet.
Trampled upon, a work of art,
Maybe gazed at, at the start,
But now passed by! No admiration!
Someone took pains with this creation,
Looked to Nature to be inspired!
Was with creative passion fired!
After the earthquake*, art was needed.
Beautification plans were heeded.
Mosaics suddenly appeared
When the rubble had been cleared.
Dotted along the pavements see
Examples of the artistry.
But now it's all a bit ho-hum.
People go and people come.
Rushing past to do their shopping,
Never remarking, never stopping.
Only a blogging type like me
Takes the time to stop and see!

Beaumont Street, my favourite Newcastle street, was wrecked by an earthquake in 1989. Only 12 people died city-wide, but Beaumont Street had to be re-built.



Margaret Gosden said...

An earthquake in 1989, how unnerving and tragic! But I do like the embedded memorial mosaic!

Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, I like looking at pictures that reflect other objects and scenes! A good shot - you beat me to it!

eileeninmd said...

Cool capture of the reflections. Very neat, I can see the sea. Awesome capture!

Rosie @ Centre of Interest said...

I like that! great photo

Clytie said...

I enlarged the picture so as to see what was the hidden original ... I found it, but find I like the reflection scene just as well! Well, maybe even a bit better! :=}

budh.aaah said...

Hey I like how you used the 'paint'prompt

RJ Clarken said...

I love how you used the colors and the 'paints' (and artwork) as your jumping off point for both poems. Both pictures created illusion, and your poems continued the story.

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Hi Brenda,

The painting prompt used very well in your poetic lines...

Kristen Haskell said...

Very nice use of the paint prompt!

Anonymous said...

Here's to the blogging types like you! Well done.