Saturday, July 17, 2010



Our friends look so much older than we do, don't you think?
They're growing geriatric; we are still in the pink!
Take Muriel, that chin of hers is drooping lower and lower!
And Freddie Cox, the athlete,is doddery and slower!
Oh look at her! That's Maudie Spence! I'd never recognise her!
Who'd have thought the boys in class used to idolise her!
Goodness! Don't tell me that fat old chap is really Charlie Monk!
Thank God I didn't marry him. (Though he was quite a spunk!)
And who's that ghastly-looking dame with the specs do you suppose?
Oh dear, she's got a turkey-neck and a pimple on her nose!
She coming really close to me! Whoever can it be!
Cripes! This is a mirror!
That fat old bird is ME!


                                 Gerald Gee


The DNA wheel spins around;
In for a penny, in for a pound!
What we land on goodness knows!
Granny's ears or Uncle's nose.
Auntie Annie's double chin
And her liking for pink gin.
A distant cousin's high-pitched laugh;
Her neck resembling a giraffe.
Sometimes, maybe, we inherit
A little something with some merit:
A rosebud mouth like Auntie Ann's
Or a head of hair like Uncle Dan's.
The scientists head in the direction
Of creating babies of perfection.
They'll tweak the egg or tweak the sperm
( The thought of it just makes me squirm)
And out will pop this perfect creature,
Glorious in every feature.
How boring! How devoid of charm!
I view the future with alarm!
View the row of folk above
To see what I am speaking of.
Not one of them is without a flaw!
They drew wrong numbers in life's draw.
But when I see people such as these
I long to give them all a SQUEEEEEEZE!



Stan Ski said...

Great that you can make a joke at your own expense. However young we feel it's not just everyone else that's getting older...

vivienne blake said...

Great fun, both poems - and how refreshing to have some rhyme and rhythm. I'm of an age to resent those instore CCTV screens that show us as we really are!

kaybee said...

Love your message without a purpose (couldn't find a spot to post a comment up there), and that Fat Old Bird is actually ME!

Ron. said...

Whether I see myself as myself
or as the others see me,
there's one thing that I know for sure:
I'd rather see than be me.

Well done on both counts.

Weasel said...

These were fun and hilarious reads! Great posts!


brenda w said...

Fun poems. I like them both. It's great fun to poke at oneself! Well done.

RiikaInfinityy said...

:) It been fun reading both poems and they are wonderful =P I just love how the way you wrote about the people in the first poem. Thank for sharing^^

Mary said...

I love your sense of humor. The first one especially is hilarious. "Fat old bird." Ha ha.

Elizabeth said...

When I went to my 45th class reunion, I kept looking around for someone with other than gray hair. Found her of course, the rich nymph that looked like she was one of our daughters. At least we now knew what happened to all that money. Either that or she's married to a face lift specialist.

Enjoyed your poems,


Darlene said...

I am not sure that the first poem titled 'Decode !'is part of this post, but it's an Acrostic and I decoded it.

The second poem is hilarious and the others are, too.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

it is superb to be able to look back and have a fun grin.
keep rocking.
smart and vivid images.

Wayne Pitchko said...

indeed id fits.....nicely done