Thursday, July 22, 2010

Perhaps a Park


This is the view from my balcony;
Our street is rather strange.
Both sides go up and down you see
So it's a sort of interchange.
Once it was a railway line
Which explains the configuration;
It gives us a pleasant little 'park',
Enhancing our situation.
By rights it's not a park, I know;
It's just a sort of verge,
But children can run and play on it
Whenever they get the urge.
It's an easy place to walk a dog
Beneath the shady trees,
And sometimes neighbours sit out there,
Enjoying the evening breeze.
Our private garden's miniscule,
There's only room for pots,
And so our little private 'park'
Is one of our best-loved spots.


The Lollipop Lady is lucky
Her lollipop's big as a tree
She gave it a lick
Right down to the stick
And nobody saw her but me.

The Lollipop Lady is Lucy
If I were like her I'd be proud.
A lorry goes by
And she's shouting out 'Hi!'
And the driver is laughing out loud.

If I were a Lollipop Lady
I'd lick lollipops all the day long.
I'd stand in the street
Quite contented to eat
And la-la a Lollipop song.

The Lollipop Lady is lucky
Her lollipop certainly grew
From low it grew high,
And that isn't a lie!
She tells me it's perfectly true!


Brian Miller said...

nah. you are alright, we'll call it a park and just have fun anyway...smiles.

Amity said...

Beautiful as always Brenda...

I wish I could spend time in such a beautiful garden...

What I love in your poem is I feel every word of it, as if I am presently there...:-)

And your lollipop lady, I like the rhyme too!

Btw Brenda, I am inviting you to join a new meme named "Haiku Heights" hosted by Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason and here is the link:

I know you love to write haiku, too!!!

See you there!

Betsy Brock said...

beautiful view...I love the line of trees!

C.M. Jackson said...

as far as I am concerned a piece of green grass is an oasis--so yes I think you are right about your street and it is lovely--happy tt!

Matty said...

Sweet poem Brenda. It may not look like a park, but it acts like one. So it's a park.

EG CameraGirl said...

When my daughter was 4 or 5-years-old she wanted to be a crossing guard when she grew up. She told me she wanted to do this so she could tell people what to do. :)

She still likes to be the boss. LOL

Unknown said...

such a lovely view!

Me said...

Nice poem, and lovely benefit to living on your street. You are right, perhaps it's not officially called a park, but it sure looks like one to me! :)

Happy TT!

Tom said...

i love the streets that are set up like this! pretty cool