Friday, July 23, 2010

Green Buggy



When the sun beats down and the legs are tired,
And there's pleasant scenery to be admired
What better seat can possibly be found
Than an old-fashioned buggy that's lying around?
Here's Malcolm, sitting at his ease
Enjoying a sweet, refreshing breeze.
And what better colour to complete the scene
Than a canopy of cooling



We walked around the Lake  one day,

Celebrating the bliss of May.

The heat had gone and we'd survived!

The winter chill had not arrived.

Lake Macquarie lay before us

As though it had been waiting for us!

March and April, most of May

One long 'English summers day'.



I heard that my very dear relation, Ruth, in the UK is in-line for a national education award.

A vet in Australia operated on a goldfish!

I spent yesterday morning helping-out at Harry's school. He is sitting far left.

Then I went on to Malcolm's club for a Xmas in July party. Here I am with Pam Blume.

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