Sunday, July 11, 2010

Perfect Dream



I had a perfect dream last night and in it all was golden
The world suffused with marigolds and dew.
And, in it, every question that had ever needed answer
Was answered, and my longings all came true!
I found the perfect lover, and we swooned the night away,
My destiny was sealed with many a kiss,
And the problems of the world were solved, I was proclaimed a hero
And I knew such power.......
But, oh dear! What is this?
The dream is slipping from me! I need to bring it back!
It's fading and my memory's unsteady!
It's getting misty, faltering and I can't pin it down!
It's gone!
Is that the damned alarm already!!!!!


When I was in High School my uniform was a terribly drab navy blue
And throwing it out for a pretty dress, well, that was a dream come true.
But things changed a lot when I went to sea and a uniform was required!
Suddenly navy became the shade that was all that my heart desired!
I'd a little peaked cap with a badge up front and epaulettes on each shoulder
And I felt so smart in my uniform: very mature, much older!
Older in quite the nicest way, a woman of the world I thought,
With high, high heels and a nipped-in waist, and a great deal of fun in port.
Now navy was fine for the colder climes, but not so good in the heat
And there came a time on every trip when the captain announced a treat.
'Whites will be worn tomorrow!' The message came over the air.
We suddenly knew we could blossom, for Whites were the thing to wear.
We still kept navy epaulettes, showing Union Castle Line,
But the Whites were so much classier when the weather was hot and fine.
And I always felt quite sorry when, on the homeward run,
The weather turned cool and wintry and clouds disguised the sun.
'All hands will wear navy tomorrow' the message was loud and clear
And you don't disobey ship's captains! You'd be thrown out on your ear!
But life was still fun in navy, both for officers and for crew
Life at sea was a pleasure, whether in white or blue.


gautami tripathy said...

Loved that perfect dream of yours!

hugging the stones, I meditate fervently

Lori R. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. This afforded me to find your blog and I loved reading it! I have saved you as a favorite and will be back. After reading your profile, I have come to the conclusion that you have led a very interesting life in places I have and probably will never see. Thanks for the good read.

sm said...

thanks for sharing dream
made me think about your dream

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Ringing the Changes.

Most folk I know don't know ships at and kayaks possibly. My Dad was a Navy man in the war and I've crossed the Atlantic twice along with a few channels.

A life at sea is different from all else.

Ringing the Changes sounds like what I see in the sea.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Dratted alarm clocks!! (You will see some synchronicity in our poems!)

Perplexing Perfection