Saturday, July 10, 2010

Minimal Maxine!


Good Heavens Maxine! What a form! What a shape!
But are you sure you can escape?
Once I'm down, though I say 'Hup!'
It's very rarely I get up!
I normally follow your advice,
But you've been wrong more than once or twice!
However your yoga seems to work,
Though I'd be just a physical jerk!
Look at those thighs! So sleek, so slim!
That waist! So small, so neat, so trim!
Even the bust looks almost pert!
But are you sure it doesn't hurt?
But, Maxine, you can't fool this old dear
With jokes about bosoms and chins coming near!
I know your creator made a slip
With waist and bosom, thigh and hip!
You're a 'slip of the pen,' I fear!
He nodded off for a bit, it's clear!
Any minute now, you fake,
He will realise his mistake!
Though others ogle you and praise you!
Very soon he will erase you!
Then, when he adds the things he should,
Good old Maxine wont look so good!
When you're 'revised' you'll look like me,
Sagging, like you ought to be!


A window can be circular; a window can be square;
A window can be opened wide to let in the fresh air.
But here's a window on the world, a space without a name,
That has the lacy leaves around, making a living frame.

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