Monday, July 12, 2010





Thirteen items? Here we go........
Has the universe got an end?
Are ring-piercings just a trend?
Will there be bush-fires this year?
What is the ringing in my ear?
Why don't I like wine and others do?
Why, when sad, do we say we're 'blue'?
Who will win our next election?
Why do I always lose my direction?
How did the universe begin?
I'm competing, will I win?
Are there people in outer space?
What's this pimple on my face?
What shall I have for lunch today?
 I like this meme!
I think I'll stay!
Holland loses the World Soccer Cup.
Why did it matter? It's just a game!
Just kicking a ball about!
Why all this passion and hype and shame?
Why all the pain and doubt?
I think back to gladiator days
(Not that I'm that old)
When the crowds went wild at the spectacle
Of big men, brave and bold,
Fighting each other to the death,
Cheering them loud and long,
Watching them take a final breath
For all they were big and strong.
We haven't progressed, it seems to me, 
From those ancient days of yore.
The only advantage I can see
It's better than going to war!
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Darlene said...

When you think of the ball games of yore when the victors beheaded their enemies and kicked their heads around on the playing field, it does make you wonder if we have progressed very far.

Margaret Gosden said...

I thought Spain won?

Diana said...

I love your thirteen questions Brenda! I want to know what the ringing in the ear thing is too! I've been to two doctors and all they told me was that I needed to relax!?! Love Di ♥

Margaret Gosden said...

I was always told that ringing in the ears is Tinitis! It
comes and goes. I am not at all sure that it is the warning signs of deafness, necessarily.

reg said...

13 great questions and I actually took time to think on each one !!!, I love that pic of the dice

Darlene said...

Re: tinnitus. I have had tinnitus for 40 years and it never goes away in my case,although it can for others. Many things can cause it. High blood pressure for one. I am now deaf and my hearing loss (and tinnitus) was caused by Meniere's Syndrome.

Spadoman said...

I came for the Ruby Tuesday. Nice die! I've never seen them in red except hanging from the rear view mirror of a '57 Chevy.


1. yes, it has an end
2. no, it's not a trend
3. yes, but not near Waterloo
4. The spirits must be singing to you.
5. Because you are smart.
6. It's a musical form, and part of the art.
7. Another democrat if you let them.
8. You need to pay more attention.
9. More bang for your buck
10. sure, you'll have good luck.
11. yes, they linger around your place.
12. a zit, it's on your face.
13. cheeseburger