Saturday, July 24, 2010

Around and Around


Next week, my dears, I've cleared the decks
And I'll be domesticated!
I've canceled social junkets;
They wont be contemplated!
No lunches with the girls! Not one!
No chattering on the phone!
My life will be lived as a haus frau
And Maxine's set the tone.
I may even turn my back on blogs!
They're just a big distraction.
I've got to get the house to rights
After previous inaction!
Too long, Maxine, I've sat and walked
And lazed and drooped around it.
I was seeking for encouragement
And now, Maxine, I've found it!
I've written 'FREE' in every space
On the calendar next week
I'll turn out cupboards right and left!
I'll be too tired to speak!
You've been a dreadful warning!
I mustn't act like you!
I'll turn into a Maxine!
What an awful thing to do!


As I sat drinking iced coffee I watched the passers-by,
With a critical and, shall we say, a sharp sardonic eye.
Malcolm was stuck in a man-style shop, seeking a 'crimping' tool,
And he takes his time about such things, I can tell you, as a rule!
So I thought I'd play a private game, related to 'I Spy.'
As I watched the throng of variegated people passing by.
'Would I swap with you....or you....or you....or you?' I pondered,
As they scuttled, drifted, hung-around or just, without aim, wandered.
Here was one so old and bent by comparison I felt youthful!
And here was one all angular; I like 'plump', to be truthful!
Here was one weighed down with cares, her mouth a downward arc.
Here was one who probably earned her living after dark!
Here was a schoolgirl, blithe and gay, with all her life before her;
With all those examinations; I was certain they would bore her.
Here was a mother and screaming kids! I couldn't live that again!
And here was a suffering creature, hobbling in great pain.
I'm an ordinary woman, approaching the end of life;
An ordinary mother and an ordinary wife.
And I sometimes feel downhearted when I think I've been deceived,
Reaching this stage with almost nothing quite achieved.
But a little self-analysis works wonders, I have found.
So, if you ever get the blues, simply look around.


maryt/theteach said...

Brenda, you were the most loyal poster for Maxine! Thanks very much! :)

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

fun and apt.