Tuesday, July 27, 2010


                             From the local press

A flamenco dancer and she's four!
She'll go a long long way for sure!
Already she can twirl and swirl
Though she is such a little girl.
I can hear the dance shoes tapping;
I can hear the rhythmic clapping.
And the expression! Oh what poise!
She'll be a danger to the boys!
No doubt she'll realise her dream!
(The red skirt suits the Ruby theme.)


I wish I were a tattered bear
With not a single stitch to wear,
With paws all worn and velvet scuffed
And fur a single mangey tuft.
I wish my eyes were not quite there
Giving a sort of anguished stare.
I wish my nose hung by a thread,
Not central, but side-on instead.
I wish my mouth had come askew,
As mouths of old bears often do.
I wish my ears had lost their lift,
Doing a sad and downward shift.
I wish I were lying by myself
On someone's high neglected shelf!
Why do I wish for this sad fate?
Because, I know if I only wait.....
That Someone will rescue me one day
In a delightful sort of way.
She'll make me paw-pads out of suede!
No finer paws, I think, are made.
With finest wool and thread she'll sew
A mouth like a perfect Cupid's Bow.
And then she'll add a nose as well,
So real it almost seems to smell!
And now the best part, button eyes,
Widening with new-found surprise!
She'll add a jacket, brilliant red,
And a little hat for my furry head.
Two holes where both my ears will go
So that they'll know which way to grow.
Then a gift tag round my neck will say
'A brand new bear for Christmas Day!'
But, alas, I'm human, not a bear
And my increasing wear and tear
Can't be put right with a handy thread,
A loving needle and coat of red.
I'll have to strive and play my part
To preserve the youth of my inmost heart,
So that, though age I cannot hide,
I'll still declare with joyful pride
'The outside's not too debonaire
But INSIDE I'm a brand new Bear!'


Darlene said...

I really love the bear poem. It is just wonderful ! I am a very old Teddy and can no longer be repaired, but I hope my inner is still good.

Margaret Gosden said...

Flamenco - what a great dance to learn at 4, and an ideal subject for RT!

Amity said...

What a lovely rhyme Brenda...and wow...that beautiful flamenco dancer aged four, sure she will be a danger to the boys...:)

And that wish to be a tattered bear? I know now what your reasons are? Yeah, we do wish, don't we?

Beautiful poems Brenda, you made my day bright!

stan said...

very beautiful contast between the girl in motion and the other 2 standing still!

Marites said...

i love the flamenco pic of the girl..nice motion pic. The bear poem is lovely and poignant.

Inday said...

Such a charming poem. I enjoy the read immensely.

Thanks for the visit.

Spadoman said...

Delightful! I was just thinking of the Tango yesterday in a daydream. Cool!


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

she dances
the world whirls with her
on light feet

Ruby Banana Blossom

Annie Jeffries said...

Oh my. Just look at the joy on her face.

Linnea said...

Love the dancers! What nice words of encouragement to go along with them!