Friday, July 30, 2010

In Step



'Are you suited?' her mother said, with a note of  doubt in her voice;
'Are you sure, my darling, that you've made a really good choice?'
'I love him, Mother' the girl replied 'That's all I need to know!
And I'm absolutely certain that our love will grow and grow!'
'That's all very well' said Mother ' Romance doesn't always last!
Think carefully, my darling, before the die is cast.
You need to be in step as you traverse Life's stony ground!
It pays not to be hasty! At least that's what I've found!'
But they went ahead and married, with all the trimmings, too,
Feeling positively certain that their love was strong and true.
I passed them, jogging in Sydney, only the other day.
They showed the shot to Mother;
There was nothing she could say.

                            Pierre Edouard Frere


'I had a dream last night' she said;
'There was something called TV,
And millions and millions of people
Were watching little me!
I was showing them how to make a soup
From cabbage leaves and such.
And people copied my recipe
And liked it very much.
I even published books about
My ...... something called....... cuisine!
And I was paid for advertisements;
Whatever that might mean!
I became a millionaire!
Yes! Just like Royalty!
Just because I was good at cooking soup
Everyone worshiped me!
My picture, moving, was seen by all
On a sort of mirror thing
And all over the big wide world
I was treated like a King!
What do you think of that!' she cried!
Her companions said, subdued,
'Don't waste time on fairy-tales!
Hurry up with the food!'