Friday, July 16, 2010

Brick Red

Newsflash! Animal lovers take a look at


Howdja like my beanie! Howdja like my hat!
Bet you wish you'd got a 'titfer' just the same as that!
Howdja like my big brown eyes and their cheeky little glance?
And see the brick-red flowers on my nifty litte pants!
When Grandad was a baby they dressed him all in white!
They liked to keep him neat and clean (and that was quite a fight!)

Mother had to soak and scrub the things she made in wool!
Whenever washing day came round the tub was always full!
Pastel colours were the rage; the little girls wore pink.
And since they wore cloth nappies they got smelly too,  think!
Imagine just how hard it was to keep the babies neat!
For sure the mothers of those days were run right off their feet!

This modern little fellow has a hood to warm his head.
And isn't the colour sensible!
Doesn't-show-the-dirt Brick Red!


(An Acrostic)

Such a very silly mutt,
Cartoon character only, but
One that makes the children smile
Offering comedy all the while.
Babies often crow with laughter
Yet they don't know what he's after!
Dogs consider him a hero!
Only Rinkly awards him zero!
Odd that she has never seen
Scooby on the silver screen! 

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