Friday, July 16, 2010


How's this for serendipity!
What a welcome sight to see
On a day which is distinguished
By a 'fire' that's been extinguished!
From 'bottom up' the oil came gushing,
Spewing, rolling, murking, gushing,
And now they say that they have trapped it!
To cap it all at last they've capped it!
It wasn't fire but it was fuel,
Black and sticky, baleful, cruel.
Let us keep our fingers crossed
That gains replace what has been lost.
The loss of wild life, nature's purity,
Might yet be matched by more security!
Let's hope the lesson has been learned!
Mother Nature must not be spurned!



Albert Einstein's dying words have been lost to all humanity!
He may have uttered words of wisdom or a flat inanity!
A foreign nurse was standing-by at the time to pronounce him dead,
And she didn't understand a thing that the famous genius said!
In the seventh century, Toltecs, from Mexico,
Obeyed a certain ruling which has always impressed me so.....
They wanted enemies to live (yes, they were very good)
And so they used to attack them with swords made out of wood!
Sliced bread was patented, they say, in nineteen twenty eight,
So consider that when a tasty slice is placed upon your plate.
Not a baker, but a jeweller, thought up the great idea;
He'd been working on it, night and day, for many a long year!
Friday the thirteenth was thought such a very unlucky day
Among the Anglo-Saxons that they always used to slay
Every child born on that date, at the moment of its birth!
A birthday celebration not renowned for joy and mirth!


Suz said...

oh so heartbreaking this was
and let's hope it is finally going in the right direction
I am so grateful I haven't seen any of those poor creatures
those poor poor creatures
I hate suffering especially in animals
good one

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

It's great they finally have it all capped, but your post brings a smile to the end of it all.

Darryl and Ruth : )

Tess Kincaid said...

Oh, so very apropos for today! Clever one, Brenda!

Helen said...

Nicely written .... you are so right about Mother Nature!

Kathe W. said...

perfect perfect....words about this horrible gusher of anguish and destruction-
I hate it....and I hope it is done

annell4 said...

Nicely put together!

signed...bkm said...

Great Magpie...perfect..I am so glad they finally got it for the clean up...bkm

I would have loved to know what "E's" last words were...

christine said...

How clever of you to turn your poem into such a topical event.

spacedlaw said...

A timely magpie!

Catalyst said...

Ah a timely rhyme, Brenda. Well done, as always.

RA said...

Great wording! You should send it to BP. :)

RA said...

So sad but painfully true. A great take on the subject. :)

Tattered and Lost said...

Very well said. Enjoyable in it's sadness.

Tina said...

LOVED your poem. Great talent, and such a timely topic. Nice job.

Caty said...

I'm so hoping the losses of the oil spill can be regained. I loved this poem-how perfect for this week! Your way with words is fun and ingenious.

Tumblewords: said...

A tragedy and one that appears to have been preventable - like many 'accidents' are. Excellent phrasing.

Anonymous said...

a very timely piece well written!

Jingle said...

amazing take,
beautiful piece as always!