Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vantage Point

                                                                                    Brenda Bryant



If you want to Watch Skies, well, watch here!
No matter if cloudy or clear.
Just sit here with your lunch
And gaze as you munch
At the vistas we know will appear.
The hills seem to fashion a frieze
With their richness of eucalypt trees
And gulls will fly by
In the changeable sky
Going seaward on some passing breeze.
Though grassland and trees are so dear
And birdsong delights every ear,
The sky fascinates us,
It charms and elates us.
If you want to Watch Skies, well, watch here!



Stained glass windows in a wall,
Inconspicuous and small,
Blue surround and decoration
With a mood of adoration.
As a choir we sang that day
And, when we were on our way,
I saw these little windows gleam,
With their strong Madonna theme.
I thought how comforting was blue;
Such a very soothing hue.
The elderly could sit and gaze
And think sweet thoughts of earlier days.
While shafts of sunshine pierced the air
And brought some gladness to them there.
An old-age home, quite sad, it's true
But softened with Madonna Blue.


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

In true wrinkly rime style. I like the picnic place near the sea. Beautiful! Poetry is lovely and also the blue Madonna Icon.

eileeninmd said...

What a beautiful view and photo! Your poems are lovely! Happy skywatching!

Hilda said...

Perfect spot for a lazy picnic. Magnificent view!