Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here Goes!


The opening phrase of this poem is from
'The Catcher in the Rye' by J.D. Salinger.

'If you really want to know about it........'.  I've longed to say that phrase!
Responding to a query that I've listened to, most days!
The girl behind the counter, who really doesn't care at all,
Puts the question to me in a vapid sort of drawl.
'How are you today?' she says, with almost no sincerity,
And I get the urge to answer-back with venom and asperity!
I long to hold the line up with a litany of complaints,
Enough to try the patience of a line of shopping saints.
I'll start right at the top and I'll continue down my spine!
Soon everyone will know about the anguish that is mine!
The headaches in the morning, and the indigestion pills;
The big toe with a blister and my many other ills!
The cramp I get at midnight, and the problems in the 'loo';
The awful time I had last winter coping with the flu!
Then I might move on to DNA and my future prospects looming,
Even though it's clear the waiting line is shuffling and fuming!
I'll only stop when I see the girl is getting close to tears!
Then I'll say 'If you really want to know about it just pin back your ears!'


                                            Gerald Gee


I sing in praise of the quirky mind
However it may be defined;
People who see things differently
From prosaic people like you and me!
Gerald, in his quaint cartooning
(Over which I'm often swooning)
Latches-on to oddities
Which are always sure to please!
Yes! We live in a world of magic!
And yes! The witches were vilely tragic.
Had our technology been predicted
The soothsayer would have been evicted,
Ducked in the pond or set on fire
On the village 'funeral' pyre!
Had any 'witch' envisioned blogging
She'd have been given a damn good flogging!
It's such an intriguing consideration,
Such a curious situation!
It never would have occurred to me!
Thank you, thank you Gerald Gee!



Stan Ski said...

You found it...
Both worth the visit. I know people like in the first, and for the second; isn't it amazing what we take for granted, that seemed ridiculous not that long ago?

Jeeves said...

Like both of them, esp Hello Bloggers