Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is the Ladies' Pool on Merewether Beach. Read its history below.


Turn the clock back to an earlier age,
And try to visualise
A time when men swam in the nude!
Girls had to avert their eyes.
The gentlemen swam naked
In the rolling, boiling sea,
And the 'ladies' and their children
Romped with equanimity
In this special pool built for them
Away from all temptation.
The 'ladies' remained unsullied!
What a quaint situation!



Somebody's counted up to twenty!
I can see a face!
I can see a grandson
In a favourite hiding-place!
Somebody's feet are running!
Someone is on his way.
If I gaze up at the tree too much
I'll give the game away!
Now the leaves are rustling,
Much more as the hider wriggles.
Found! When playing hide-and-seek,
It doesn't pay to get the giggles!


Carolyn Ford said...

How cool is that?! Actually, the ladies' pool should be the ENTIRE Pacific! HA! What a beautiful capture!

cat said...

What a great history lesson. Great shot of the ladie's pool.

carolina mts said...

I am surprised the men were alloed to swim ala if the women had to be protected from them!

Noel Morata said...


yes that is a a great view, naked swimmmers oh my, thanks for sharing your area...

my scenic view is on my plant fanatic site.

Anonymous said...

An interesting bit of history - From the time in UK (in the reign of George IV) when sea bathing became popular - mainly for health reasons - men and women used to wear horrendous stipey swimsuits with long sleeves and legs, plus concealing attached skirts.

In the prudish Victorian days there were bathing machines which were like huts on wheels, with handles. The bather changed inside the hut, and then an attendant would push the machine into the sea. I'm not sure if there was an area without floor inside the machine so that the bather could get wet in private. There were also steps so that the bather could lower themselves into a decent depth of water to cover the body entirely.

Rinkly, I had to come looking for your poem: Post your poems day is Wednesday, and it's a good idea to post your link there as well if you want visitors.

Margaret said...

Wow - separate beaches. So no family outings, how sad. And I always laugh when I see the Victorian swimwear. I'm afraid there wasn't much chance at getting away from the heat for the women. But then again, many of the young girls today might as well be on a nude beach for all the material (strings?) they wear. Loved your humor, as always. Thanks for participating in "In the Moment".