Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stuff Strutting

Newsflash! Animal lovers take a look at


Strut is a really lovely word!
And 'Strutting your stuff' is a phrase
That conjurs up a person
Who's 'with it' in many ways.
One doesn't strut unless one feels
Confident and charming;
A 'strutter' has a savoir faire
That is verging on alarming.
A strutter must be tall, of course,
A Strutter must be slim,
A Strutter must be beautiful
And sexy to the brim!
Now, Maxine has, let's say, panache,
And she's pretty entertaining,
But I doubt if she ever strutted
So I doubt if the strutting's waning!
Look at those legs! It's not just age
That's made them look that way!
Straight up and down and skinny too.
Like a chicken's in the hay!
Look at that bust! You can't tell me
It ever was curvaceous!
Look at that face! Imagine it
Dimpling and vivacious!
I know you can't because, you see,
She didn't have what it takes!
So she turned to being the soul of wit
About other folks' mistakes!
She sharpened her tongue since she never could
Be a sweet delectable cutie,
And, over the years, she practised till
Her witticisms were fruity.
Your stuff hasn't strutted off, Maxine!
It simply never existed.
And you're so droll and comical
That we never even missed it!


It's the closed eyes that do it; that allow us to feel her bliss
As her child comes for a cuddle and gives her a great big kiss.
Haven't we all experienced it, that closed-eye bliss sensation,
When love for a little one quite transcends every other consideration?
Nature is very crafty, she makes motherhood so intense
That the love we feel overwhelms us, because it's so immense.
Be it Polar Bear or Person, the love is just the same.
We forget we're only players in Mother Nature's little game.
Without the maternal instinct the species would die out,
As helpless newborn creatures would expire, without a doubt.
But oh what pleasure it gives us! When one parenting is done
So many of us sigh and say 'Let's have another one!'


geraldgee said...

Thought a strutter was a bloke.

maryt/theteach said...

Hi brenda, a strut supports a car too! But you're right and written a great poem for it. Thanks for the laugh! :)