Thursday, July 29, 2010


                                                   Brenda Bryant
Even without the heady blue,
The snow-white clouds in the sky,
The burgeoning grapes show luscious
Tempting us from on high.
And soon leaves will block-out the sky-scape
And grapes will grow greenly below.
Till then let us all be happy
With the Springtime Sky-Grape Show!

The Bunyip is the Australian equivalent of the Yeti or Bigfoot. No-one is sure what it looks like!


Baby met a Bunyip and said 'How do you do!
I never, never, never, saw a creature such as you!
You buzz just like a bumble bee; you're brown just like a bear;
You sit beneath a banyan tree and brush your bushy hair.
Your eyes are bright as buttons and you bark just like a bird!
Your nose is like a buttered bun! Now isn't that absurd!
You're made of lots of bits and bobs and none of them agree!
But let me tell you, Bunyip.... you look beautiful to me!


Ma.links said...

Beautiful shot.

Sherrie said...

Great shot!! Looks so mysterious. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Martha Z said...

I like the sepia scene, very artistic. The Bunyip made me smile.

Darlene said...

I never heard of a Bunyip, but this I know, I would rather see than be one.