Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life Without Love


Life without love is like a tree
With dead wood where the green should be.
Though it may reach up to the sky
No bluebird that is passing by
Will ever settle and make a nest
In a tree so woefully un-dressed.
But there are loves and loves and loves;
It's not all hearts and turtle-doves.
There's love of family, for a start;
In every life that plays a part.
There's love of country; how that swells
On festive days! The flags! The bells!
There's love of life, that, every day
Delights us all in every way.
There's love of self, a healthy passion
That nurtures us in a modest fashion.
Of course, the love known as 'amour'
Is pretty high on the list for sure!
But it need not be our main pursuit!
Our tree can blossom, still bear fruit
Without the help of Cupid's dart!
All we need is an open heart.



(Written on a poster for children)

Family Trees are enormous plants,
Sprouting with parents and uncles and aunts;
With brothers and sisters in every cranny
And, here and there, a special Granny.
Small baby cousins soon appear
For there's someone new almost every year,
And weddings may bring us new relations
Who may even come from different nations!
The roots are down in the sweet, rich earth
Of a faraway land or the land of our birth,
And the future branches will sweep the sky,
Ever more leafy and ever more high.
Someone in the future will bear my name
And maybe their features will look the same!
Oh how lucky we are to be
Part of a beautiful Family Tree!


Yesterday was the birthday of our Probus Club. Here Carole, the President, cuts the cake.

We then had a talk about the regeneration of our water-front. South African bitou bush has over-run it.

Millions are about to be spent on the beautification of Merewether Beach so we were all very interested.


Gemma Wiseman said...

I too felt that blossoms and fruit on a tree are not necessarily a symbol of love! A fascinating post!

Nara malone said...

I'm glad you pointed out the many kinds of love. I hadn't thought about it that way.

Brian Miller said...

a wonderful verse...i got hung up on trees myself in my writing...love takes many forms...thanks for linking up with one shot...

signed...bkm said...

Love the whole post...love the line..
There are loves, and loves and loves...very nice and love the family tree piece too....thank you for sharing all your loves...bkm

Mory said...

you are truly a very inspired poet. you are amongst the very few i have seen producing more than 2 beautiful poem on a daily basis. wonderful verses.

Suz said...

your poems are always a delight to read out loud

Amanda said...

You truly are an inspiration...your poem is just awesome and I will be coming back for more ~ Amanda

moondustwriter said...

I love your many perspectives on love and the wonderful reflection on family.

What beautiful verse

Thanks for letting us share this on One Shot Wednesday

Smiles from the Moon

keiths ramblings said...

I love the way you dissected Gibran's opening line and used it a word at a time. What an enjoyable read.

Marshy said...

Hi been away for a week and catching up on all the wonderful posts to One Shot..thank you for sharing with us and i hope to see you again..your poems were excellent and very well worked..cheers Pete