Friday, July 16, 2010


 I climb my stairs with niggling problems churning in my mind,
But something makes me look-up and then, suddenly, I find
My grubby, dusty little life is hardly worth a candle,
And all my tiny worries aren't too large for me to handle.
That view, that glimpse, will still be there, to remind me of the skies
That hover over humans and their troubles and their lies,
Their moods, their joys, their aggravations, and their hopes and fears,
Will all amount to nothing with the passing of the years.
It may be grey or rain-swept; it may be commonplace,
But my view of eternity always puts me in my place!

(For the children.)

I've an ice-cream island in my mind
Piled with ice-creams, every kind.
High and wide and shiny bright!
Ice-creams, ice-creams pink and white
An ice-cream island in the sea
With all the ice-cream meant for me!
What a vision of delight!
Ice-cream, ice-cream, pink and white.
On my bike I'd like to ride
Round and round and side to side;
Here a lick and here a bite!
Ice-cream, ice-cream pink and white.
An ice-cream island! Oh what fun!
But what would happen in the sun?
My ice-cream island then I guess,
Would dribble away in a gooey mess!


lotusleaf said...

Lovely poem!

kaybee said...

I don't know how I found your blog, but I'm so glad I did.
You've made my day; I'm all cheered up - why were you so well hid?

You share my love of poetry; especially those with mirth.
But when compared to my creations
your's are best on earth!

There is one thing that I must ask, that's puzzled me a lot:
Where are your fans, your faithful friends -- Why don't they fill that comment spot?

Your rimes are worthy of some praise (although you cannot spell),
So here is mine, "Great work, my friend; a super job done well!"

Beverley Baird said...

A glimpse of blue - love the poems that go with it!

Margaret Gosden said...

Perhaps not a spelling error, more like a typo? Anyway, nice shot of a bit of eternity!

dot said...

That's a really interesting picture. I remember when you used to visit Pic a Theme.

I would like to go to Ice Cream Island!!!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

When I was young with a baby, my pastor's wife told me, go out and enjoy yourself and the baby,.

Don't worry about the housework and dusting,
You dust today, and it will still be there tomorrow.

I have become a lousy house keeper, but a happy person.

eden said...

Great post. Love the poem and picture.

Have a great weekend.