Monday, July 5, 2010

First Light

We drifted in from New Zealand before the sun was high;
While still the little silver stars were pricked-out in the sky.
Slowly, under the Harbour Bridge, as quiet as a mouse,
And then, in a stealthy manner, past the Opera House.
Then, stamped-upon the morning grey, a yellow opening, where
A sign of life showed passengers that someone was aware.
The city wasn't stirring, save for the Terminal Staff,
Who sometimes broke the silence with a cough or a little laugh.
 I stood on the balcony alone and thought of another date
Nearly forty years ago when our family sealed its fate,
Moving to a country where we'd never been before,
Not knowing anything at all of the life that lay in store.
For a while it seemed like yesterday. And yes, we did survive.
But we suddenly bumped against the wharf and everything came alive!
The shouting, bustle, lights and noise drove my reverie away,
And I was happy to enjoy another Australian day.


When the scene is so bucolic
Everyone is bound to frolic!
In he goes (he's not too brave!)
And he gets knocked over by the very first wave!
I didn't catch the frothing fall,
The rogue wave pounding over all,
But I think I caught the shocked expression!
He says he enjoyed his ocean session!
Out from England, not an Aussie,
He wasn't quite a Life Guard, was he!
But he's coming back next year.
To be attacked by sharks?
No fear!


Kim, USA said...

I see the yellow first light. Makes the mood happy! Happy Monday!

Turtles and frogs

Life Moto said...

dropping by to see your first city life. thank for sharing. have a nice day1