Friday, July 16, 2010

A Diamond Mouse




For the girl who has everything, I present
A gift that she'll think heaven-sent!
It's something she's needed about the house!
Yes! It's a diamond-encrusted mouse!
Not the sort one keeps as a pet,
And costing a great deal more I suspect!
I thought of buying one for myself
When I saw one on the Cartier shelf.
But when I held it to give it a try
It scratched my hand and I gave a cry
'Take the ridiculous thing away!
I can afford it! I can pay!
But at home I have something more fantastic......
A well-worn mouse that's made of plastic.
It's black and boring, not slightly grand,
But it fits so well in the palm of my hand!
Keep your diamonds' I say 'That's flat!
(Anyway 'mouses' are a bit old hat!')

(An Acrostic)

Questions arise about this phrase!
Unless they’re answered I’m in a daze!
Is the meaning 'tit-for-tat'?
'Do this for me and I’ll do that?'
Perhaps the Latin suits it better
Revealing the meaning in each letter.
Or do we use Latin just to be clever?
Queries just go on for ever.
Useless to explain the reason
Out goes Latin till next season!


Robert Lloyd said...

Brenda you are always so quick with your wit. This poem was fun and you took it to a place I would have never imagined. From the photo it means someone actually did this...A diamond mouse? Wow to be foolish and rich...

I love Quid Pro Quo too. I am astonished to know how many people use that phrase with no clue as to its meaning. Thank you for sharing such your poetry is always enjoyable to read.

Darlene said...

I agree with Robert Lloyd; today's poems were fun to read. You are a clever poetess.


A diamond mouse!

Anonymous said...

Wow wonderful poem and beautiful image :D , i would love to have one of those mouse XD, thank for sharing =D

Mary said...

Brenda, I love your diamond poem and your sense of humor!

Diane T said...

Funny, funny, funny! I love your style, Brenda!

Mory said...

i agree with Diane, your poetry style is truly unique. lovely poem

Jingle said...

you are so very creative,
love the cute words...

brenda w said...

This is great Brenda! Witty, clever, fun. I love it! The things the world devises, good Lord!

Carrie Van Horn said...

This one is truly fun and creative!