Monday, July 26, 2010

Desmond Tutu




So Desmond Tutu is standing down, retiring from public life!
After all the years of humour and the trials of South African strife.
It seems he's been there for ever, with his warm and winning style;
Standing-up for African rights, but always with a smile.
To me he's been an icon, a cleric but human too.
And now years of peaceful retirement are very certainly due.
You wont know of my good wishes; but sent they most certainly are.
This humble, gentle, laughing man was always a shining star.


Foxie Foxie, fine and fat
Must you feed your face like that?
When the farmyard hens go by
Fur and feathers are sure to fly.
Foxie Foxie face the fact
Eating friends shows lack of tact!
You find fowl a filling feast
But they don't like it in the least!
Foxie Foxie, fierce and fast,
Your good fortune may not last!
If the farmer finds his gun,
That will finish all your fun!
Foxie Foxie, no, no. no!
Don't eat friend and don't eat foe!
Have some sense and use your head;
Try to eat fresh fruit instead.


mrsnesbitt said...

I had the wonderful experience of meeting Desmond Tutu! A truly magical man. Will have to see if I can find the article.

My name is Riet said...

How interesting that is. have a nice day

vivienne blake said...

What a fitting tribute to a lovely human being. The rhythm of the poem is compulsive, moves along at a great pace.

Stan Ski said...

He does seem to have been around forever, doesn't he. I hope he has a long and happy retirement.

mark said...

I quite like the tempo of this...

Wayne Pitchko said...

nice tribute.....well done and thanks for sharing this

brenda w said...

Nice tribute, your life has taken you to interesting places.

The second piece would be great in an anthology for kids, it's clever and has nutritional value. ;-)

Tumblewords: said...

A fine wish for an icon who has truly contributed invaluably!