Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dappled Dear



There's a time when babyhood
Has upped and gone, and gone for good.
Childhood isn't here just yet,
He's half-person and half-pet.
In the dappled shadow see
The person who will, one day, be,
And the baby who's departed
Leaving us a bit downhearted.
How we love to see them grow!
But say goodbye to Baby? No!


(Before the Cataract Op!)

I stand on the balcony at night;
A moonlit night of a billion stars.
All things are crisp, outlined,
Solid and picturesque, neat and orderly;
Everything in its appointed place.
Houses, trees, pathways and the horizon beyond
Cut out in cardboard.
I am entranced.
Such beauty!
Suddenly a moth invades my hair!
I flurry my hand across my face!
My glasses fly off the balcony, to be lost in shrubs below!
I am, for a second, bewildered, disoriented,
Enmeshed in white light.
I cannot see!
Then, magically, I see!
My eyes become accustomed to glory.
I am a swimmer
Swimming through pale swathes of liquid luminosity.
Each star is a huge white chrysanthemum.
The multitudes fudge and fuzz and seem to fuse.
Below me, pale green billows
Disappear into the mist, dancing.
My eyes widen; my fingers splay with longing.
I feel bleached, like a skull.
Tendrils of hair are silvered against the immensity of sky,
So close that I can see them clearly.
I am drawn up
Toward the puff ball cloudiness of a new moon,
That is, indeed, a brand new moon,
One never seen before by these eyes.
Limpid lispings of light spiral down to me.
The light is like white wine, spilling over my face;
Sweet, exotic, tasting of starlight.
And I say a heathen prayer of gratitude
To that obscure goddess, Myopia.
She of the semi-sight has sent me a vision.


xxx said...

love the baby shot and your wonderful words.

Sylvia K said...

What a delightful capture of such a lovely baby! And the beautiful words to match, as always!


Anca Pandrea said...

The child shot is great!

Unknown said...

Beautiful baby shot.

Beverley Baird said...

Such a lovely shot of the young one! Your poem is such a match for the babe's growing up.
Love your second poem as well!
have a great weekend.

Spadoman said...

Stopped by for Shadow Shot Sunday. I love the poetry that accompanies the young one. I just took my only Grand son for a haircut this past week. He has hair similar to Harry.
Thanks for sharing.


Lighthousegal said...

What a great shot, he seems to be focused on something and not aware that someone is aiming a camera at him.