Monday, July 26, 2010

The Blue Door



Malcolm's been painting our front door.
It was a paler blue before.
Now I think it looks quite snazzy.
He hasn't done a bad job, has he!


(Pollution. Poverty and Puzzlement)

Forget about Climate Changes
And the part that humans play!
Forget about all the Experts,
Lecturing every day!
Concentrate on Pollution;
The coal, the smoke the plastic!
Imagine a clean, sun-driven world!
Wouldn't that be fantastic!
Concentrate on Poverty!
Some lives are just a bitch!
Shouldn't we share some wealth around,
The poor helped by the rich?
Climate Change is a Puzzlement.
For it's happened to earth before.
So are we to blame this time around
As we're certainly to blame for war?
Three P's! And one's Pollution;
Then comes Poverty.
The final P' is a Puzzlement
And that's the uncertain 'P'.
Pollution and Poverty are real
They're definitely tragic.
Cure them and cure the Puzzlement
Now wouldn't that just be magic!


Louis la Vache said...

Another blue doorway.

Margaret Gosden said...

It is a beautiful blue! Good job, Malcolm!

SmilingSally said...

I like that blue door, Brenda!

Happy Blue Monday.

Winifred said...

Yes Malcolm has done really well. Love that shade.

LV said...

The darker blue door looks really nice. You see them now in all colors. Your hubby did a good job.

Kim, USA said...

That color is great, and he is doing a good job there ^_^

Barnyard Express

Inay said...

I like it actually. That kind of door you want to come in.

I don't like it actually...

I LOVE it.