Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blue Baggage

Seen at Sydney Art Gallery


Letter 'B'


The carousel, the baggage, the labels, the ennui,
The waiting at the airport..... where else could this scene be?
Then I saw the people, waiting to depart
And I was really taken with this quirky work of art.
The travelers are baggage, just objects, nothing more,
Strewn around at the airport, on the seats and on the floor!
How long have they been waiting, and what might their 'contents' be?
Are they trapped for ever in some still eternity?
It's certain that I'll never know, but I lingered for a while,
Then I turned upon my heel and left, with a rueful little smile.

Monty had an awful cold, and he thought it might be flu,
So he visited his Doctor to see what he could do.
The Doctor gave him several pills and suggested time in bed.
'You should be right as rain quite soon' the cheerful Doctor said.
Monty did as he was told, obeying to the letter,
But, sad to say, as time went by, he felt not one whit better.
Once more he sought the Doctor's help to battle his infection;
The doctor thought a bit and then he gave him an injection.
'Go home and rest and it will work in no time you will see.'
So Monty did as he was told, exactly, to a T.
Again the dreadful cold persisted; the worst he'd ever caught!.
Back to the surgery he went, quite feverish and distraught.
He pleaded with the Doctor 'For Pete's sake find a cure!
This snuffling and this hacking cough I really can't endure!'
'There's only one thing for it' said the Doctor 'Take a shower.
Then stand in front of an open window naked for an hour.'
'Are you crazy?' blurted Monty. 'It's winter-time and freezing!
I think you're making fun of me; you surely must be teasing!'
Then the Doctor said 'I'm serious! And this will work for sure!
Because then you'll catch pneumonia! And that's something I can cure!'!



Yesterday three-year-old Max had a cough so he stayed with us all day. Here he is 'magic' painting.


Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Doube R - The blue bags are just another example of "art" I can add to my collection of "fool the people art". Yeah, I'm thinking that you get my opinion of this. That being said, I very much like the poem you brought to the table so I suppose that artfully arranged and lighted baggage might be considered art if it inspires such a nice little piece.

Julie said...

I like the concept of humans being baggage. It sure feels like that at times.

PS like the image of young Max. I became a grandmother just one week ago tomorrow. Such joy!!

jay said...

Those are great!! LOL!

Poor little Max. I hope he feels better soon. No cold showers and standing in front of open windows for him!!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

No kidding! These are great! Very clever. I wonder if anyone has tried to 'claim' them!
Max is adorable.

photowannabe said...

Always clever and interesting too. Great wordsmith...Brenda.

Sylvia K said...

Clever and fun as always! The blue bags are perfect for the B Day. And Max is adorable! Hope your week is going well, Brenda, enjoy!


Carver said...

Great post. It does feel like we are baggage to airliners these day. I like the shot of the blue baggage.

Beverley Baird said...

What a great choice for the week! Love your poems as well! Always look forward to seeing what you have written.

Tumblewords: said...

Always, a clever post. I'll bet Max had as much fun as you did with the magic paints.

Roger Owen Green said...

hate checking baggage; they get lost so easily.

md story is funny!


Hildred said...

As always, great verses,- Max seems very intent on the magic painting project.

Unknown said...

I marvel at performance artists, but worry for their mental and physical health! You certainly got our opinions out with their photo.
And I marvel at your way with words!
Thank you,
ABC team